Wetsuits. Stay Warm Out There!

The wetsuits we sell are the suits we wear! Our best sellers and the models we sell the most are from Xcel and Billabong. The combinations from those two brands give us the widest variety and range of suits from the basic price point, high value low price Billabong Foil to the super buttery, soft, warm, top of the line seam taped Xcel Drylock and everything in between.

We also have suits from Matuse that feature the limestone based neoprene. So weather you are on a budget or just have to have the latest top of the line wetsuit, we have what you need and can inform you on all the features. Carrying all sizes from infant's SPF rated sun protection to mens XXL hooded 5/4/3's, hoods, gloves and booties too, we've got you covered.

If you are in need of a suit we either don't carry or are out of, we would be happy to special order them for you. Our Favorite's: Basic- Billabong, Foil. Mid Price- Xcel, Infinity X-zip. High End- Xcel, Drylock

Billabong Matuse