Surfboards and Standup Paddleboards


Here at A-Frame Surf our philosophy on surfboards is you won't continue to go surfing or enjoy surfing if you are not having fun. What this means is, we are not typically going to sell you a board that Kelly Slater or Tom Curren would ride in Indo or even perfect 8 ft Rincon. Most surfers are not at the skill level of a professional surfer or even remotely close to it. Also, for the majority of the year the waves in our area are less than perfect. Our staff really tries to talk to ask our customer questions about their skill level; What they have been successfully riding, and what are their goals they are trying to reach with the next board they purchase. Whether you are a first time buyer, trying to transition from a long board to a shortboard or about to hop on a plane to Hawaii, we will help you pick out the right board for your needs.

What we have in stock:

Our inventory fluctuates all the time, however there are many models for each category that we do our best to keep in stock at all times. These boards we believe are the best boards for the money and for the majority of our local conditions and customers.

Stand Up Paddle Boards:
We strongly suggest the Molded Epoxy technology for SUP's as it is significantly stronger and lighter than the "hand shaped" technology. We only recommend hand shaped SUP's to customers that are very skilled and looking for very particular dimensions they can not find in a molded epoxy model. Some of the SUP's we like to keep in stock include: The full line of NSP's from Global Surf Industries, many of the Surftech models from Laid Hamilton, Donald Takayama, Pearson Arrow, our favorite, the 10'6 Wayne Rich.

Longboards and Fun Shapes and Fish's:
Surftech's by Takayama, Wayne Rich's Pro-Mod's and Modern Classics both molded and traditional construction, "Progressive" by Dave Johnson. and for the beginner and intermediate surfer's Soft-Tops and the NSP line of longboards hybrids and fish.
Our Favorite: Wayne Rich - Pro-Mod

...Lost Surfboards and Dave Johnsons Progressive's make up the majority of our shortboard inventory. The majority of which are hybrid shortboards like the "Rocket" and "Round Nose Fish" from ...Lost. We also have several "Firewire" technology ...Lost models as well as some Surftech shortboards and fish's. Our customers will also find shortboards on our racks from other local shapers like Jason Fiest's J7 label.
Our Favorite: ...Lost - Rocket

Custom Orders:

Having been in business at A-Frame for over 10 years and having been in the surf industry for most of our lives, we have connections with many shapers around the world and can probably get just about anything you might want. Most of our Customs Surfboard orders go through Wayne Rich, Dave Johnson and the crew at ...Lost Surfboards. They can make anything you could dream up and order times may take anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months.

Used / Consignment:

We also have a lot of used boards that flow in and out of the shop. We encourage the customers who leave used boards in our shop on consignment to price them to sell not to sit around. So if you are in the market for something used come by and check out our used board rack.


Wayne Rich